Managing Niche Brands
Managing entry of
new brands to market
Managing Niche Brands


Our client commissioned a first-of-its-kind program to manage the entry of an innovative drug onto the PBS and capture 100% of all patient scripts, and associated follow ups for 12 months. A key challenge was creating a reporting and data capture system that was easy for doctors, Medicare, pharmacists and patients, within an extremely tight timeline. We collaborated with the Department of Health to create a system that worked within the complexities of the Medicare reimbursement process and was simple to use.


We devised an innovative online system for follow up, allowing daily capture and secure tracking for patient outcomes. Key to the success of this program was working closely with all stakeholders – client, Department of Health, Medicare and Pharmacists, developing a fail-safe process for capturing all new prescriptions for this medication.

Crucial elements of the tailored system included extensive analysis functionality allowing for detailed results charting from drug release on the PBS through to final patient follow-up.


We achieved the incredibly ambitious timelines to enable seamless on-schedule roll-out.  Early feedback from customers is promising with complete concordance with required process by prescribers.