Making the Complex Simple
Transforming a sponsored event into a major scientific meeting
Making the Complex Simple


Our client was looking to create a single major scientific meeting across a range of brands and therapeutic areas; an event that would have more credibility and cut-through than a traditional sponsored event. We brought together all parallel events, resources and initiatives to create a practical meeting that offered the flexibility of plenary and tailored sessions for each therapeutic area, which we also rolled out digitally.


Key to the success was creating tailored sessions that maintained each brand’s essence while ensuring the company’s broader commercial footprint was clearly promoted. A number of touch points were put in place to allow regular communication between representatives and their customers and the needs of different healthcare professional groups were met and common values addressed.


We made the complex simple for the 320 delegates across six separate healthcare professional groups. They participated in 48 separate sessions run in a single day for a cross-section of brands.